Morgan's Loft

Morgan's Loft is a whimsical reference to Captain Henry Morgan whose hidden treasure is the source of local lore.

Designed as an open and airy loft bedroom, it is appointed with a king size canopy bamboo bed, ensuite bath and private sitting area.

Morgan's Loft is truly unique with its' octagonal roof lines and open cedar ceilings which are bathed in natural sunlight and breezes from the crowning cupola. On the rare occasions when the breezes subside the overhead ceiling fans and climate controlled air conditioning add to your sleeping comforts.

The loft overlooks CedarTop's great room and provides a bird's eye view of the horizon, the cays, pool, patio and lagoon. Soft relaxing earth tones give the room a gentle relaxing ambiance. Access is via a wide radial staircase hand-carved from natural stone.