How to Get to Andros Island Bahamas

Getting to Andros is easy. Nearly all major US (i.e. Atlanta, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Houston, Chicago, Charlotte, Charleston, NYC, etc), Canadian and European Airports fly directly into Nassau. From there your remote tropical island getaway is only 20 minutes by inter-island aircraft with either LeAir, GlenAir or Randolph Holdings.

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These kinds of journeys are not your everyday run of the mill Jet flights, where you see little and experience less, these planes, give you a breathtaking view of the air, sea and land. Take in the huge panorama as you land and begin your vacation with an adventure!

If you prefer to fly direct to Andros, Fort Lauderdale International and Executive Airports hosts Watermakers and Air Flight Charters who fly regular charters out to the Island.

If you are a private pilot, its never been easier to get to us. We're 150 from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and the helpful Andros Town airport (MYAF) is a great Port of Entry with customs opening between 9:00am and 5:00pm, 7 days a week with overtime optional and no customs fees.

MYAF runway is 4,200 feet, 9 & 27. and you can check the Bahamas and Caribbean Pilot's Guide for more information. You can get fuel in Nassau (26 nautical miles).

If you prefer not to fly try Bahamas Ferries. A 2 hour journey across Turquoise Caribbean waters, puts you into the Port of Fresh Creek, Andros.

bahamian luxury points 1Step One - Get to Fort Lauderdale or Nassau

Skyscanner is a tool for finding cheap flights. Unfortunately Andros International Airport isn't on it, so while you can fly direct to Andros International Airport from Fort Lauderdale via Watermakers (see above), you won't see it on Skyscanner. Using this you will find flights to Nassau or Fort Lauderdale and then fly into Andros. We've included the tools here to help you find flights but as it's a third party tool we can't take any responsibility for their service.


bahamian luxury points 1Step Two - Get To Andros

These companies fly right out of Nassau International Airport. It's a perfect option. If they don't have flights on the days you need them don't worry, as we've got a million other options to get you to Andros either flying or with the Ferry, and if you need help you only have to call or email and we'll be more than happy to arrange it for you.

Or you could charter your own plane, KettleStone-style

KettleStone has negotiated very competitive charter rates that enable you to choose your flights times to Andros, enabling u to start your vacation early, and not have to wait for regular flights. Just ask for details.