KettleStone FAQs


How is the Weather in the Bahamas?

Bahamas weather varies very little and this warm predictability is part of our charm. The weather stays mainly warm all year round with cool ocean breezes generated by the trade winds. For nearly the whole year temperatures are in the 80°s (Fahrenheit), hitting the 90°s during summer. Only rarely does it ever drop as low as 60° in the winter. December through to May runs around the 75°-85° mark. Summer averages out in the the high 80°s to 90°s with some humidity, but ocean breezes keep it comfortable. Lonely Planet says there are about 320 days of sunshine every year.

Hurricane Season

We do have the odd Hurricane coming through, with the official season between June to November (Peak from August to October), but that shouldn’t discourage you. We have plenty of notice, and in the event of a booking we'll work with you to reschedule at no extra cost.

Rainy Season

Well you know, we get some from time to time. But as quickly as it comes it's off again. Showers don't last and pass through quickly so it never ruins your day. Expect May and June to be the wetter months, but still very sunny, clear and relaxing!

What Travel Documents are required for the Bahamas?

For the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy and other European Countries only a valid international passport is required with a visa waiver valid for up 90 days issued when you arrive. For other nationals you can either check your visa requirements here or call us and we'll walk you through it.

Is there Cell Phone Coverage and WiFi?

Andros is currently upgrading to 4G speeds, but 3G is more common, throughout the island with good coverage. North American phones will be tend to be more compatible than European phones unless they are international quad band, as the Bahamas uses the North American standard. If you are taking your phone in to the more remote areas expect coverage to drop.

AT&T, T-Mobile, Orange UK, Vodafone UK work well but unfortunately Sprint and Verizon have no coverage as yet. We recommend that you talk to your provider regarding charges and specific usage terms, and we can make no guarantee of usage.

KettleStone has high speed broadband suitable for all needs and runs at approximately 4 MB/s

Are Electricity Adapters needed?

KettleStone has the same voltage capacity of 110V as the U.S. and Canada. If you use a different electrical plug then first check it can take 110V. Typically adapters will say "INPUT: 240V~110V" if so they should be usable and just require a travel adapter suitable for any US socket.

Do you have ATM Machines?

There are ATM machines available within a 20 minute walk from KettleStone at the Royal Bank of Canada in Fresh Creek.

What type of Currency is used in the Bahamas?

The Bahamian dollar is treated on par with the $USD and is interchangeable wherever you go within the Bahamas.

Are Vaccinations needed to travel to the Bahamas?

No vaccinations are required for The Bahamas.

What is the Local Language?

English is the national language of The Bahamas.

What is the Time Zone for the Bahamas?

The Bahamas is the same time zone as New York City. It matches eastern time and adjusts at the same time for Daylight Savings Time as New York or Florida.

Are Pets allowed at Kettlestone?

No pets allowed.

Do you have Bars and Restaurants?

There are plenty of bars and restaurants around, although we recommend calling before to ensure they are open.

How do Airport Taxi Transfers work?

Andros Airport is only a ten minute taxi ride from KettleStone. We'll help with all the setup when you book.

Can we Rent a Car?

Plenty of car rental options are available, and we'll be happy to help you book them. Prices are the local prices available at the time.